Kuman Kouy Sap BE 2555 3“

Kuman Kouy Sap BE 2555 3“

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Monk: LP Somchai

Temple: Wat Darn Kwien

Year Consecrated: 16 November BE 2555

Material: Nua Samrit Rom Dum Pid Thong. With tiger teeth (necklace) and takrut maha yant, palakit, sua maha amnard on waist. Embedded with:

  • 1 piece of bone
  • 1 bottle of namman saneh
  • 1 piece of med jindamanee
  • 1 roop of kumarn foo nua samrit
  • 1 piece of brass yant plate
  • 1 piece of nang kod jao saneh nau arthan

Purpose: Fetch wealth, enhance business sales, protection and sixth sense

Comments: Made only 999 bucha. Come with serial number and original khata paper from temple.

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