Phaya Ngang Lueng Thong (Alpaca) Wai Kru 2555

Phaya Ngang Lueng Thong (Alpaca) Wai Kru 2555

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Master: Kruba Subin

Temple: Wat Suanpa Sumathaeso

Year Consecrated: BE 2555 Roon Wai Kru

Materials: Nua alpaca, powdered bones, 1 takrut, holy soil and various types of phong wan

Purpose: Love charm and attraction, brings indirect and unexpected wealth luck expecially in gambling, avert danger and guard against black magic and spiritual attacks

Comments: 1999 pieces were blessed in a grand ceremony which was participated by top monks, lersi and lay-masters such as LP Nen, AJ Thiam etc..

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