Pujao Saming Prai Nuea Samrit (Rhodium)

Pujao Saming Prai Nuea Samrit (Rhodium)

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Monk: LP Nen Kaew

Temple: Wat Ban Kaset Thoong Setthi

Year Consecrated: BE 2555 "Wai Kru 55"

Size: 2cm x 3.5cm  Made only 599 pieces

Material: Nuea samrit (an alloy of three types of metals), mahasaneh powders, 1 piece of bone and 2 silver takruts

Purpose: Brings wealth, sales and business luck, good for attracting opposite sex and loving kindness, protect against evil spirits and black magic.

Comments: Consecrated and distributed for the Wai Kru ceremony in BE 2555

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