Nang Prai Ta Nee (Banana Spirit) BE 2555

Nang Prai Ta Nee (Banana Spirit) BE 2555

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Monk: Ajarn Werathep

Year Consecrated: BE 2555

Size: 4.5cm by 5cm

Material: Nang Prai Ta Nee is made from many types of material such as:

  • Wan dok thong, wan sao long, phong wan mahasaneh,many type of pong mahasaneh and come with hand written yantra from Ajarn Weerathep.
  • Ash from nang prai who died on Saturday and cremated on Tuesday
  • Encased with namman prai (corpse oil) and namman chang pasom klong
  • Embedded with bones and 1 silver takrut.

 Purpose: For opposite sex attraction, windfall, wealth and business luck.

Comments: Female spirit inside. Translated khata will be provided.

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