Phra Somdej Ong Pathom Borom Maha Jakkrapat Puth Maha Racha Roon Phiset (First Batch) BE 2557 (1)

Phra Somdej Ong Pathom Borom Maha Jakkrapat Puth Maha Racha Roon Phiset (First Batch) BE 2557 (1)

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Monk: LuangTa Ma

Temple: Wat Tham Muang Na

Year Consecrated: BE 2557, blessed for 3 months during the Buddhist Lent period by Luangta Ma in the temple cave

Material: The front features Phra Somdej Ong Pratom Borom Maha Jakkapat, top left and right of Somdej is Yant Doh Torahod of Wat Pradoosongtham lineage, top of the backside displays Yant Puth Ta Sang Mi and below is the image of Luang Ta Ma in samadhi position and the name of Luangta Ma "Phrawarongkhot Wiriyatharo".

  1. Residual rice from the almsbowl of highly attained/enlightened Thai monks of the forest traditions such as Luangta Maha Bua, Luang Pu Lersi Lingdam of Wat Tha Sung, Luang Pu Lee Dhammadharo, Luang Pu Kham Pong of Wat Pa Amphawan
  2. Phong from highly 137 attained/enlightened Thai monks
  3. Phong Watsamrit, Phong Wat Taan, Phong Wiset Tam Boran
  4. Powdered bones/remains from the cremation of LP Doo and residual rice from the late Luang Pu Doo's almsbowl
  5. Rice relics of the late Luang Pu Kruba Wong of Wat PhraPutha Baht Huay Tom
  6. Phong from late Luang Pu Kruba Wong that was used to fill the main buddha statue of Wat PhraPutha Baht Huay Tom
  7. Ancient black rice relics from the Wat Kae Rach Nuwat, Ayutthaya
  8. Phra Phong Kru from Wat Pratart of Pitsanuloke/Lopburi/Supanburi province, Wat Puen (Lopburi), Wat Sampluem and etc.
  9. Phong and Namman Sek (holy oil) from of the late LP Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee
  10. Phong Jakkapat of Luang Pu Doo
  11. Phong mai takien of Nakornratchasrima city pillar shrine and the wooden pillar of ubosot of Wat Phra Kaew
  12. Powdered moses glass from the throne of the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaew
  13. Phong Kro Petch from LP Parn, Wat Bangnomko
  14. Phong Luang Phor Kuay, Wat Kositaram
  15. Phong Prai Kumarn of LP Tim, Wat Laharn Rai and Kru Yen
  16. Phong Pattaweetart of Luang Phor Kampan
  17. Phong of Kruba Jarb Suwan
  18. Phong Pra Tammatart Pra Pong Jakkapat Luang Ta Ma
  19. 100 years old Phong Tanto Settho from Chulalongkorn Dentist Association
  20. Pong Putho Noi from Khun Mae Boonruen and pong putho noi from LP Sangwarn and Luang Ta Suwan, Wat Tung Samakkee
  21. Residual rice from Luangta Ma's almsbowl and rice beads blessed by Luangta Ma with Phra Khata Maha Jakkrapat
  22. Hairs of Luangta Ma
  23. Phong Kammatharn from joss ash
  24. Sripueng Lak Mueng BE 2530, Sripueng Jan Pen and Sripueng Luang Ta Ma and etc.
  25. Various type pieces of phra pong from multiple temples
  26. Many other types of materials

Comments: Every piece of Somdej is unique and may not look exactly like the pictures given these are manually pumped by hand. This is the special batch personally pumped by Luangta Ma; only 200 pieces were released



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