Takrut Maha Ra-Ngap Baep Pissadarn 5" BE 2557

Takrut Maha Ra-Ngap Baep Pissadarn 5" BE 2557

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Takrut Maha Ra-Ngap Baep Pissadarn 5"


Illustration of Luang Phor Pijan's Yant Maha Ra-Ngap

Monk: LP Pijarn

Temple: Wat Popakhai

Year Consecrated: BE 2557 Privately blessed by Luang Phor Pijan and followed by a mass ceremony on Wai Kru day 

Material: First, the yant sheet is inscribed with Yant Maha Rangab, rolled and braided in strings. Next, the takrut is immersed in a special holy oil concoction and coated with Phong Wiset, Phong Ya etc.. In the final stage, it is then plated with real gold leaves.

PurposeBlock, obstuct and defeat negative energies, enemies and backstabbers. Great magical properties such as metta mahaniyom and mahasaneh (loved by others, attraction), kong krapan chatri (invulnerability), kaew klaad (escape or avoid dangers), pong kanpai (protection against harm), maha larp (great fortune), maha pokkasap (windfall luck), overcome obstacles, lessen karmic impacts, protection against evil and black magic, power and authority etc..

Comments: To make holy water, immersed takrut in a small pail of water and chant the khata.


Drying process of Takrut Maha Ra-Ngap after coating with various types of Phong

takrut maha rangab

LP Pijarn, current abbot of Wat Popakhai



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