Takrut Maha Saton Lang Yant Kan Suem 4" BE 2557

Takrut Maha Saton Lang Yant Kan Suem 4" BE 2557

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Illustration of Luang Phor Pijan's Yant Maha Saton

Yant maha saton

Monk: LP Pijarn

Temple: Wat Popakhai

Year Consecrated: BE 2557 Privately blessed by Luang Phor Pijan and followed by a mass ceremony on Wai Kru day 

Material: The yant sheet is inscribed with 2 types of yant (Following the traditional vicha of LP Tes, Wat Sa Talay in Nakorn Sawan province). One side is inscribed with Yant MahaSaton (reflective properties towards) and other side, Yant Gan Seuam to enhance the protective properties of the takrut when the owner is in dirty or unclean places. The takrut was immersed in a special holy oil concoction, rolled and braided in strings. 

Purpose: Defensive and offensive properties all rolled into one takrut. Reflect negative intentions, black magic, psychic attacks, dark arts and evil spirits by bouncing these back to the sender. Personal protection against negative energy which may cause disturbance or chaos in one's life. Protect against foes, people who have malice intentions towards you and hence overcoming daily obstacles, grants maha amnaj (authoritative charisma).

Comments: Khata will be provided. Please refrain from testing the power of this Takrut as it will cause bad effects to those who intentionally do so. Temple codes printed on both ends of the takrut.

LP Pijarn, current abbot of Wat Popakhai


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