Karmasoot Nua Pong Maha Saneh (Transgender-Guy) BE 2555

Karmasoot Nua Pong Maha Saneh (Transgender-Guy) BE 2555

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Monk: Kruba Dharmamuni

Temple: Wat Suanpah Puthtasatarn Supradit Maythee

Year Consecrated: BE 2555

Size: 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Material: Various types of mahasaneh powders such as phong wan mahasaneh, phong saneh yafaed, soil from 7 crowded markets, soil from 7 cemeteries, shreds of THB 500 bank notes, 1 kamasoot inn koo . Encased with namman wan 108 (flower-based oil from 108 types of flowers), namman mahaphoot and namman saneh yafaed.

Purpose: Strong in same sex attraction, improvement in interpersonal relationships and career luck.

Comment: Recommended for those are shy in nature, never found any success in love. Karmasoot come with hand writen yantra by Kruba Dharmamuni.


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