Big Blue Locket 9 Tails Fox  Roon Jom Rachan

Big Blue Locket 9 Tails Fox Roon Jom Rachan

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locket 9 tails fox

Monk : Phra Ajarn Ao Putho Raksa

Arsom: Putha Satarn Viharn Phra Tammarat, Petchaboon

Year Consecrated: BE 2559

Material:   Locket embeded  with a piece of 9 tails fox's skin, khunpaen yod khunpon saneh maha raruay, khunpaen yod saneha salika jew, a pair of takrut maha larp saneh and temple code. Back of the locket made from various type of  pong wan maha saneh choke larp.

  • Pong saneh wan ya
  • Pong ittijay saneh
  • Pong maharach saneh
  • Pong tri ni singhe saneh
  • Pong puthakhun saneh

Purpose :

  • Strong in love charm, attractived opposite sex, improvement in interpersonal relationships.
  • Increased the career, business luck
  • Wealth luck and gambling

pra acharn o

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