Phra Sri Sa Lang Ngang Nua Din Kumarn BE 2555

Phra Sri Sa Lang Ngang Nua Din Kumarn BE 2555

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Monk: LP Yeam

Temple: Wat Sam Ngam

Year Consecrated: BE 2555

Material: Made from the soil and the powder that used from made kumarn of Wat Sam Ngam.

Purpose: Grant wishes, provides great charm, sex appeal and protection to worshiper (Mahasaneh and Metta Mahaniyom). Helps to boost business (Kha Khai) and wealth luck.

Comments: Rare as only 1,000 roops were made.

Directions of Usage: Wear below waist level. Can be kept in pocket, bag or simply on an altar/shelf at home or in the office. Offer white liquor (rice wine) sparingly to Phra See by rubbing or dripping a couple of drops at his mouth area. If you offer too much, Phra See might become intoxicated and he wouldn't be able to assist you in your endeavours. You may promise to give him a drop of wine if your wishes are granted but please do not forget to do so.

* If a man uses Phra See to charm a lady and they eventually became an item, he is strongly advised to marry her. Misusing or exploiting Phra See for personal sexual escapades and he will be forever be cursed by LP Tae (Ajarn of LP Yeam) *

Chant the following magical incantaton when inviting or seeking assistance from Phra See Sa Lang Ngang:

Na Mo Ta Sa - Bha Ga Wa To - Ara Ha To - Sam Ma Sam Puth Ta Sa (3 x)

Pan Ja Ma Lay - Pan Ja Mah Ma - Pra See Sa Lang Ngang -Jit Tang Pi Ti Ri Ni Soh - Jit Tang Pi Ti Ri Ni May - Nang Sang Vi Toh Ti Muth Mang - Na Ma Pa Ta - Ma Aa Au (9 x)

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