Kumarnthong Kii Jorakae Roon Baramee Luang Pu Thep Lok Udorn BE 2554

Kumarnthong Kii Jorakae Roon Baramee Luang Pu Thep Lok Udorn BE 2554

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Monk: Phra Ajarn Manit

Temple: Wat Nong Kaen Charoen Pon

Year Consecrated:  Wai Kru BE 2554


  • Pong Prai Kumarn from 9 children, Phong Pattamung, Phong Ittijay, Phong Gafark 108
  • Joss stick ash from 7 temples, soil from 7 cemetries, 7 din pong, din 7 tha, din 7 kuay poo, soil from 7 crowded markets, wan kumarnthong and 108 type of mahasaneh wan
  • Kaew Naga ( Naga stone in Khong river ) from LP Kaw
  • Kaew Koon Muang ( Koon Muang stone ) from Phu Kao Kwai cave in Laos
  • Hin Lek Lai Plueng ( Lek Lai ) from Kha Khom cave, Chaiyaphum
  • Bua Hii Ma ( Kefir Stone ) from Wau Daeng cave, Chaiyaphum
  • Kaew Hanuman stone
  • Elephant teeth
  • Kao Kee Lersi ( Kee Lersi rice )
  • Kao Sarn Hin Pan Phee ( Rice stone )

** All materials were grounded to powder and mixed with Namman Saneh Prai Chang Klong and Nammanprai **

Purpose: Wealth luck, gambling/windfall luck, metta mahasaneh, metta mahaniyom, boost store sales and business, protection

Comments: An old batch by Phra Ajarn Manit where limited numbers were consecrated (34 Pairs). This batch of Kumantong is said to be extremely active as numerous sightings were narrated by the local devotees. According Ajarn Manit, 6 out of 10 buchas that were rented were returned by different individuals due to supernatural sightings.

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