Palakit Tuakerd Sitthichoke BE 2551

Palakit Tuakerd Sitthichoke BE 2551

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Monk: Kruba Dharmamuni

Temple: Wat Suanpah Putthasatarn Supradit Maythee

Year Consecrated: BE 2551

Material: Holy metal and materials from many sacred places including ancient Khmmer temples


Comments: Palakit Tua Gerd Sittichoke is designed with the following attributes:

Hawk’s eyes: Hawks have extraordinary sharp eyes and they could see things at a great distance, helping them to catch prey that more easily. All worshippers of these Palad Khik would be blessed with business success.

Fish’s mouth: the mouth of a fish was constantly open to catch food. Worshippers would always have food to neat.

Lion’s tail: Lions have very beautiful tails which they use to flaunt their superiority within the pride. As such all worshippers would be seen as powerful and respected by others by power, baramee (prestige) and saneh (charm).

This Palakit has the power in protecting the owner from enemy and danger. When you shake this Palakit you can hear sound of "gring-gring".






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