Palakit Mang Pong Pi Tak Sap Tau Kru

Palakit Mang Pong Pi Tak Sap Tau Kru

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Monk: Kruba Dharmamuni

Temple: Wat Suanpah Puthtasatarn Supradit Maythee

Year Consecrated: Sao Ha day on BE 2552

Material: Made from holy metal gathered from many sacared places. Hand written with the Cambodia yantra by Kruba Dharmamuni and come with serial number.

Purpose: Strong in good repulation, wealthluck, protection and succesful. Brings wealth and windfall luck and general protection.

Khata bucha

" Na ma pa ta - Ei ti pu li - Rak ka nut tang - Na mah mi hang "  x 12




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