Wat Ta Mai (LP Rung)



Lp Rung wat tah kra bue

     Phrakru Pairoj Wuttajarn also known as “Luang Poh Rhung”, a renowned ex-abbot of Wat Ta Kra Bue, Samutsakorn Province. He was Born in year 1873., Luang Poh Rhung was the only child who had his first ordain as a Buddhist novice at Wat Noi Noppakhun, Dusit, Bangkok. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk by Phra Ajarn Tub, Wat Noi Noppakhun, Phra Ajarn Bua, Wat Mai Tongsane and Pra Ajarn Kluab in year 1894. and granted name “Tissaro”. Moving to Ta Kra Bue (House of Priest) on his early day of monkhood , with an immense of development of Buddhism monasteries supervised by Luang Poh Rhung, house of priest later upheld to “Temple”.
     Luang Poh Rhung begun his journey in search of the great masters for incantations. There were Luang Pu Tong-Wat Rajjayotha, Luang Pu Suk-Wat Klong Makamtao, Laung Poh Rhun- Wat Changpuank, Luang Poh Plai- Wat Kampang,Luang Pu Nak- Wat Sune Tohn Satit, Luang Poh Lum, Wat Ang Tong, Luang Poh Weng, Wat Hong-arun-radsamee. Luang Poh Rhung enthusiastically practiced and created amulets which become legendary for its power. Being a good Buddhist monk, he attained a lot of faith and respect from all other monks. Luang Poh Rhung was appointed with numerous designations, ultimately appointed to a clerical in year 1956.
     Luang Poh Rhung deceased on September 27, 1957, at the age 85. It was 64th year of his monkhood, his cremation was honorably arranged on March 30, 1958., the cremation flames were lit by the King of Thailand.


     Phra Kru Palad Uthen also known as “Phra Ajarn” was born on October 25, 1975 at Nakornpatom Province. The youngest son of Mr.Pitak and Ms.Palum Narotamangkul.
Phra Ajarn Uthen joined monkhood on July 5, 1997 at Ta Kra Bue temple by Phra Kru Sirisakorndham, the current abbot, intended to stay for 7 days so that his dying mother would see him in the monk robe.
     Having heard of Luang Poh Rhung, on day 7th soon after finding out that his mother’s cancer has gotten worse, he prayed for her, promising to either trade his life or 3 more years of monkhood for hers or. Miraculously, his mother got better and continued to live for another 3 years.
     Phra Ajarn Uthen had sworn himself to be Luang Poh Rhung’s apprentice. During his second year, he saw Luang Poh Rhung in his dream. Luang Poh Rhung grabbed his arm and showed him where he kept his hidden treasures”, we were in Hor Trai (Trai Building), There were 3 floors, on first and second laid all Buddha images and statues, there were old books on the third floor. Luang Poh Rhung asked if he wanted anything, Phra Ajarn refused, but asked for books instead. Luang Poh Rhung said “these books are my most valuable things, you are going to study my incantations!” and he repeatedly asked Phra Ajarn to not use them for his own benefit.
     On the next day, he explored Hor Trai and found the books. Phra Ajarn Uthen offered the 1.50 THB fee with flower, candles and incense as requested by Luang Poh Rhung in the dream.
     Phra Ajarn offered to help anyone who needed help with nothing in returns . The whole 9 years, while he was in Ta Kra Bue temple, he had developed the monasteries, religious places, shrine, statues, images, and structures such as Rahu Vihara, Goddess of Mercy Vihara, Narai Vihara, even after he was appointed to be an abbot at Tamai Temple, he continued to pursue the construction of Luang Poh Rhung Vihara at Ta Kra Bue Temple until it is completed.
     In year 2006, Phra Ajarn Uthen was appointed an abbot at Tamai temple by Phra Rajjasittivetee, the head monk of Samutsakorn province. Wat Tamai was once an undeveloped temple with small area of only 6 Rai. .Phra Ajarn has transformed the temple to a peaceful Buddhist attraction. Thanks to the support of his numerous followers, 27 more Rai has been bought and the temple become more spacious and beautiful place.
     Phra Ajarn has constructed several of shrines and structures similar to what he has done with Ta Kra Bue Temple, such as Phra Rahu, Goddess of Mercy and Luang Poh Rhung Vihara. Not only the temple he has improved, he also improves people’s way of life by giving practical guidance, he introduced philosophy of all great teachers, the law of karma, modern facts and science into people mind. Once they followed his teachings and as their lives become stable, people will be more open, accept and willing to follow the teaching of the lord Buddha.

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Monk: Phra Kru Palad Uthen Sirisaro      Temple: Wat Ta Mai, Samutsakorn ..
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