Ajarn Kom

Ajarn Kom


Ajarn Kom was born in the year of the tiger on Tuesday, 27 May 2505 (1962) at 9 o'clock as Traiwaet Oomthong in the Ban Bang Kung, Tambon Bang Kung, Amphoer Mueang, Changwad Suphanburi, Thailand.

His parents are Mr. Sanit and Mrs. Boonmee (Bua Khai) Oomthong. Ajahn Kom is the eldest of 3 children of Mr and Mrs Oomthong. His younger brother Sombat is one of the great masters of Sak Yant. Ajahn Kom is married to Dao with two children: daughter Nui and younger son Nueng.

At the age of 7, he attended the Ban Bang Kung elementary school and completed his secondary school studies at the age of 15 years. Thereafter, he trained in traditional Thai style religious woodcraft for 2 years under the directions of his uncle who was a master in Laai Thai.

After his 2 years stint, he travelled to various parts of the country with his newly acquired skills, and left traces of his works in various temples, such as Wat Don Fai Mai Suphanburi, Wat Mai Ruak Sukharam Phetburi, Wat Mahawan Chiang Mai, Wat Phan Tao Chiang Mai, Wat Presat Chiang Mai and Wat Intrawas (Ton Gwaen) Chiang Mai.

At the age of 24, Ajarn Kom ordained at Wat Bang Kung as a monk and received the monastic name Charuwanna. Four days after his ordination, he became a Phra Tudong (forest monk) and ventured into the woods of northern Thailand where he lived in caves and sheet huts.

He went into the woods of Kanchanaburi where he was taught by a Than Lersi in the mystified magic arts of the Lersi. His journey led him to Ajarn Amorn Srimanoth, in the province Mae Hong Son of northern Thailand who guided him in the consecration of efficacious amulets. Ajarn Amorn was Sit Aek (the favourite pupil) of one of the best known Ajarn of present day Myanmar.

Ajarn Kom returned to Suphanburi and left the monkhood where he subsequently met venerable Luang Phor Put, the abbot of Wat Klang Bang Phra, Nakhon Chaisri, Nakhon Pathom. Luang Phor Put taught Ajarn Kom over five years, the Pali language, magic arts and the creation of effective amulets and statues. It was during this time where he met his wife Dao and they got married.

In BE 2542 (1999) he went under the tutorship of venerable Luang Phor Phon Bunyakamo, abbot of Wat Wang Yai Hun, Tambon Rua Yai, Amphoer Mueang, Changwat Suphanburi. After completing his training at Wat Wang Yai Hun, he spent a year in the woods of the Amphoer Danchang, Suphanburi, as a tudung monk where he met another great master Ajarn Kaew.

In BE 2547 (2004), he learned under venerable Luang Phor Wong, abbot of Wat Pracha Wongsaram, Tambon Grud, Amphoer Punpin, Changwat Suratthani. Venerable Luang Phor Wong was Sit Aek (the favourite pupil) of the high reverend Luang Pu Klai of Wat Suan Khan. In March, 2548 (2005) Luang Phor Wong created a statue in memory of his great teacher Luang Pu Klai. A massive consecration ceremony with numerous famous monks were invited, which was took part by Ajarn Kom. This was a milestone for Ajarn Kom, as he would later in his life participate many major consecration ceremonies alongside the most famous monks of Thailand.

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