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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Phra Pidta Ngern Lai Maa BE 2558 (1)

Phra Pidta Ngern Lai Maa BE 2558 (1)

Product Code:AJFN 63
Size(L x W x H):2.80 x 2.30 x 0.00 cm.
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Monk: LP Tongbai

Temple: Wat Beung Phra Ajarn

Year Consecrated: BE 2558, first private consecration ceremony by LP Thong Bai and second ceremony at Wat Bueng Yai Hom during the consecration ceremony of the massive LP Tuad statue:

  • LP Foo, Wat Bang Samak
  • LP Pratueng, Wat Bangkrabao
  • LP Maha Chuchart, Wat Tah Sai
  • Phra Rachrattanamethee, Wat Sri Aiem
  • Phra Kru Sri Vutthikorn, Wat Tah Kwien
  • Phor Than Kiew, Wat Huay Ngoh
  • Phra Kru Poonyapisarn, Wat Pa Toh
  • LP Boonma, Wat Ban Kaeng
  • LP Somchai, Wat Prong Arkart
  • Phra Kru Kasem Poh Kitjathorn, Wat Pho Patomawas
  • Phra Kru Suthaworayarn, Wat Tah Kwien
  • Phra Kru Taworn Tanmanurak, Wat Lieb
  • Phra Kru Wijit Tanmapirat, Wat Laharnrai
  • Phra Kru Kunasarnsopit (LP Thong Bai Kunasaro), Wat Soontornpichitaram (Bueng Phra Ajarn)

Materials: Phong athitarn, atthi AJ Fon (ash of AJ Fon), phong jindamanee, phong wan 108 and embeded with salika takrut.

Purpose: Wealth, protection and evade danger, metta mahaniyom 

Comments: Yant Kru drawn on the back of Phra Pidta

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