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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Locket Khun Paen Soom Ruen Kaew 16 Silver Takruts BE 2556

Locket Khun Paen Soom Ruen Kaew 16 Silver Takruts BE 2556

Product Code:AJFN 58
Size(L x W x H):4.50 x 3.00 x 0.00 cm.
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Price: ฿14,000.00
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Monk: LP Tong Bai

Temple: Wat Beung Phra Ajarn

Year Consecrated: BE 2556 Blessing for 3 monthes by LP Thong Bai

Material: Locket made from various type of phong wan.

  • The remaining of pong wan 108 that bring to made AJ Fon and AJ Noo roop on BE 2550
  • Ash and bone fragments of AJ Fon
  • Pong Sadet Glab or Pong Athitarn of LP Noo
  • Wan sao long
  • Wan dok thong
  • Wan saneh Chan
  • Wan krue kao long
  • Wan chang pasom klong
  • Wan tao wan long
  • Wan tao nam choke
  • Wan ngern lai mah
  • Wan sarika
  • Wan gai daeng
  • Wan ha roi nang
  • Wan din sor lersri
  • Wan joong nang
  • Pong wan prai
  • 16 real silver takruts

Purpose: For attraction, metta maha saneh, metta maha niyom, wealth, protection and improves interpersonal relationships.

Comments: Temple code plus serieal number engraved on every piece. Made 19-20 pieces.



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