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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Inn Koo Mah Sep Nang Phim Kammakarn BE 2551

Inn Koo Mah Sep Nang Phim Kammakarn BE 2551

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Size(L x W x H):4.50 x 5.50 x 0.00 cm.
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Inn Koo Mah Sep Nang Padet Suek Banlue Lok, Trimas (3 months) 2551
Amongst the diverse nature of holy materials used, a large number of sacred metal plates were added to the smelting process. These metal plates (or sheets) were inscribed with magical Khmer yantra painstakingly prepared by LP Goy, including:
  • Chang Pasom Klong yantra plate
  • Mah Sep Nang 108 Pitsadarn yantra plate
  • Paya Hongs Tong yantra plate
  • Metta Yai yantra plate
  • Pitsawas Long Lai yantra plate
  • Mah Sri Mok yantra plate
  • Mahasaneh yantra plate
Putthapisek Ceremony
The sacred materials which passed the putthapisek ceremony were used to make the  mini-statues of Inn Koo Mah Sep Nang (image of woman and man in symbiotic embrace  and riding out into battle on a horse copulating with a lady). The base of the In Koo Mah Sep Nang is stuffed with Pong Nang Oak Taek (a holy powder known for its attraction properties and the power to enchant both opposite and same sexes) and 1 takrut Paya Tay Krua. 
The Kammakarn edition comes with 8 special takruts, corpse string and is encased with Namman Mahaseneh Paya Tay Krua .
LP Goy, through deep meditative empowerments, blessed Inn Koo Mah Sep Nang for 3 consecutive months with Mah Sep Nang mantra, Inn Koo Pitsawas mantra, Saneh Pitsadarn 108 mantra and Na Long Lai mantra. The amulet is further soaked in Namman Montra Mahasaneh, an oil based mixture which includes Namman Chang Pasomklong, Namman Pitsawas Jao Choo, Namman Naree Rampueng, Namman Paya Tay Krua, Namman Sao Long and Namman Saen Nang Rak. 
This amulet is very powerful in Metta Mahasaneh and will ensure success and happiness in love, family relationship and brings prosperity luck. It is best suited when used to attract back an ex-lover, to mend a rocky relationship or to improve personal attraction and interpersonal relationship with the people who around you.

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