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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Rak-Yom Maha Choke Larp

Rak-Yom Maha Choke Larp

Product Code:PAMN 19
Size(L x W x H):1.00 x 1.00 x 3.50 cm.
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Monk: Phra Ajarn Manit


Temple: Wat Nong Kaen Charoen Pon


Year Consecrated: BE 2555


Material:   "Rak" was carved by the black Varnish tree or "Ton Ruk wood " and uses tree's trunk or root which point to Eastern but it must died by natural or  “Tai Prai” and for “Yom” was carved by star groose berry wood and also uses its trunk and root as Ton ruk wood but it is black color different from Ruk that is white color. Rak - Yom soak with Namman Jan and tide around the bottle with the holy thread that use for the funeral.

Purpose: For wealth, business luck and metta. It is said that this rak - yom  will whisper wealth, lottery and gives advance warning of impending danger to the owner.

Comments:   The legend of Rak - Yom is different from kumarnthong but both appear similarly such that the statues come in the shaped of young boy. To differentiate between kumarnthong and rak-yom ,kumarnthong is a single statue of young boy and rak-yom always come in a pair of statues or mini wooden figurines with the shape of young boy.



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