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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Takrut Nang Ngoo Luem Jao Sap Pong 59 Maha Phoot Prai

Takrut Nang Ngoo Luem Jao Sap Pong 59 Maha Phoot Prai

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Size(L x W x H):4.00 x 1.00 x 0.00 cm.
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Monk: Luang Pu Noi

Temple: Wat Pa Don Pra Doo

Size:  1.0 x 4.0 cm

Material:    Takrut made from the holy yant sheet  and stuffed with the Python skin  - Thai believes the Python snake have the power for support wealth and increase the power of love. The takruts were embeded with various type of  holy powder for wealth, luck and maha saneh.

  • Pong Din 7 tah
  • Pong Din 7 maha nakorn
  • Pong Din from 7 gambling places 
  • Various type of Gambling powder
  • Pong Takrai from 7 Khmer palaces
  • Pong Din from the entrance of  9 Khmer palaces
  • Pong viset from LP Jan
  • Pong 200 yearolds of Kachakut Takor Chang
  • Pong tao prai pii (gambling)
  • Pong 59 phoot prai
  • Pong prai krasip

Purpose: Extremely strong in wealth luck, gambling, metta maha saneh, ask for love to seek a soulmate,bind couples together, attract lost love. Easy to receive help from people around you and protection.

Luang Pu Jan Khantigo


Luang Pu Noi                   


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