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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Mai Kru Lersi Phor Gae Mahavet Nua Samrit

Mai Kru Lersi Phor Gae Mahavet Nua Samrit

Product Code:LPKY 09
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Monk: LP Kloy

Temple: Wat Phu Khao Thong

Year Consecrated: BE 2555

Material: Nua samrit **Made only 999 pieces**

Purpose: Bestow authority and power, metta mahaniyom, luck and protection against black magic.

Comments: Mass chanted along with Kruba Subin and other famous Thai monks

  • LP Kloy ,Wat Phu Khao Thong
  • LP Tuam ,Wat Sri Suwan
  • LP Eied , Wat Koke Yaem
  • LP Chuang , Wat Kuan Puntaram
  • LP Prom , Wat Ban Suan
  • LP Pat , Wat Pah Payom
  • LP Uthai, Wat Ban Suan
  • LP Hong ,Wat Kao Aor
  • LP Wien, Wat Pikulthong
  • LP Ngern, Wat Phrong Ngoo
  • LP Pon, Wat Tung Naree
  • LP Paew, Wat Phu Khao Thong
  • LP Plaek , Wat Park Pron
  • LP Huan, Wat Koke Lor
  • Phra Ajarn Ransiri, Wat Ban Suan
  • Phra Ajarn Satien, Wat Koke Don
  • Phra Ajarn Reed, Wat Pah Moke
  • Phra Ajarn Prasoot Wat Nai Tao
  • Kruba Subin Sumetso
  • Phra Ajarn Waen ,Wat Pah Pracha Samakkeetam

mit mor lp kloy

kruba subin


mai kru lp kloy

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