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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Lersri Pujao Saming Prai Bucha (Phim Kammakarn)

Lersri Pujao Saming Prai Bucha (Phim Kammakarn)

Product Code:LPNE 12
Size(L x W x H):13.00 x 0.00 x 25.50 inch.
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Price: ฿18,000.00
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Monk: LP Nen Kaew

Temple: Wat Ban Kaset Thoong Setthi

Year Consecrated: BE 2555 "Wai Kru 55" Made 99 sets

Size: 5 x 10 inch

Material:   Nuea samrit boran (ancient metal) smelted with many type of yant sheets: 

  • pieces of yant Na Pat Thammang 14 
  • pieces of yant Solos Mongkol
  • pieces of yant Trina Singha
  • pieces of yant Na 108 
  • pieces of yant Metta
  • pieces of yant Salika Maha Long
  • piecses of yant Maha Thep Chum Num
  • pieces of yant Thep Run Juan
  • pieces of yant Maha La Luay and etc..

The base of this Kammakarn Lersi bucha is embedded with various amulets and magical items such as: 1 bottle of namman artharn, 1 nang arb som (Khmer styled dancing fairy), 1 metal case of charming wax, 1 palakit inn koo, 1 khun paen, 1 jindamanee pill (holy herbs), 1 yant sheet and sprinkled with holy powders.

Purpose: Brings wealth, sales and business luck, good for attracting opposite sex and loving kindness, protect against evil spirits and black magic.

Comments: Consecrated and distributed for the Wai Kru ceremony in BE 2555, made only 99 sets and each bucha comes with temple code and serial number.

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