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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Rien Jao Sua Setthi Yai Phim Jumbo Ong Kru Numlerk Nua Rae Sak Sit

Rien Jao Sua Setthi Yai Phim Jumbo Ong Kru Numlerk Nua Rae Sak Sit

Product Code:LPJD 11
Size(L x W x H):6.00 x 4.00 x 0.00 cm.
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Monk: LP Jued

Temple: Wat Phottisetti

Year Consecrated: BE 2556

Material: Made from Rae Sak Sit

  • 108 silver takrut phra rattana thai
  • 1 takrut Hua jai setthi
  • Phong wan 108
  • Powder from wasp nests
  • Phong arthan wan setthi
  • Phong jindamanee
  • Blessed rice
  • Blessed nut
  • Phra Setthi Navakote roop
  • Chanuan saksit 
  • Hair of LP Jued
  • Behind of rien before put the material come with 3 yant kru of lp Jued

Purpose: Boost fortune, wealth luck, business luck, success in life, metta, protection from danger/black magic and help to overcome obstacles including backstabbers

Comment: Made 399 only with serial number and temple code. Comes with hand written yantra on amulets.Special with jarn yant infront of rien. Special with good quality water proof gold micron casing.


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