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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Roop Lor Loy Ong LP Chaem

Roop Lor Loy Ong LP Chaem

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Temple  : Wat Ta Kong

P Chaem of Wat TaKong was born on 1862 in Nakornpathom province. LP has been studied magic charms for protecting himself from the dangerous elements of the region, LPstudied the magic and mantra from many guru masters,such as LP Tah of Wat Panaengtaek who was knowledge of Dharma and meditation. LP was ordained as monk at wat Prapathomchedee and has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP Chaem’s magic power was focused on helping people succeed in running businesses. Therefore, many people liked to place LP Cham’s amulet at the bottom of their money wallet or safes. It was believed that by doing so, they would increase the success and their business.

       LP Chaem became the second teacher of LP Tae Kongthong, Wat Sam Ngam, after LP Tha of Wat Paniang Taek, LP Tae´s first teacher,had passed away.

       LP Chaem was the first monk who created style of  kumarn doodrok in the present era and popular. LP Cham passed away in 1947 at the age of86 year old.

       LP Chaem built a Pagoda  [ Kru or Chedi ] at wat Takong and created the amulets and kumarnthong Dood-Rog to keep under the pagoda  [ Kru or Chedi ] in 1939.

       In 2002 LP Lek is an abbot of wat Takong  has been repair the Pagoda [ Kru or Chedi ]and found this amulets under the Pagoda [ Kru or Chedi ] 


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