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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Phra Kring Khrua Toh Maha Jakkaphat (Navaloha)

Phra Kring Khrua Toh Maha Jakkaphat (Navaloha)

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Size(L x W x H):2.00 x 1.50 x 4.00 cm.
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Phra Kring or the Medicine Buddha is believed to have originated from China. Each piece comes with serial number at the base of the amulet and produces a ringing sound when shaken. A total of 2,922 pieces were made.

Temple:   Wat Ket Chaiyo of Ang Thong province 

Year Consecrated:   BE 2553 to 2554

1st Ceremomy on 28 October BE 2553 at Wat Rakang

  • LP Jao Khun Thong, Wat Palad Sat (Ang Thong)
  • Jao Khun Juab, Wat Rakang
  • LP Was Sri La Te Cho, Wat Sapansoong (Nontaburi)
  • LP Nam, Wat Noi Chom pu (Supanburi)
  • LP Chamnarn, Wat Bang Kuti Thong, (Pathumthani)

2nd Ceremomy on 23 December BE 2553 at Wat Rakang

  • Jao Khun Tieng, Wat Rakang
  • Phra Visuttha Tibordi, Abbot of Wat Sutat

​​3rd Ceremomy on 9 January BE 2554 at Wat Chaiyo Woraviharn 

  • Jao Pra Khun Somdet Maha Racha Mangkalajarn, Wat Pak Nam
  • Jao Khun Sanoh, Wat Saket
  • 96 Guru monks of Thailand 
  1. ​Jao Prakhun Somdet Maha Veravong, Wat Sampantavongsaram
  2. Somdet Phra Wanrat, Wat Boworn
  3. LP Koon, Wat Ban Rai
  4. Jao Khun Juab, Wat Rakang
  5. Jao Khun Thongchai, Wat Trimitr
  6. Jao Khun Thongsueb, Wat Inn Woraviharn
  7. LP Nam, Wat Noi Chom Phu
  8. LP Phrakru Pipattananukul, Wat Mai Amataros
  9. LP Kae, Wat Pak Nam
  10. LP Hong, Susan Thoong Mon
  11. Others 86 guru monks of Thailand

Material:  Navaloha alloy comprising of 9 types of metal melted together with various type of holy metal 

  • 108 pieces of Na Pattamang 14 Na yant sheet that written the yantra by Jao Khun Tieng from Wat Rakang and guru monks from Wat Ketchaiyo
  • Holy metal of Chinaraj Indochina BE 2485
  • Rien Phra Puth 25 Sattawat (century)
  • Holy rien phra 222 riens
  • Pong Tabai from Tabai Phra Putho Jom Muni
  • Others holy metal from guru monks of Thailand

Embeded with pong somdej jakkapat of Wat Rakang mixed together with joss stick's ash of Somdej Toh, Wat Rakang and the bodhi leaf from Wat Rakang (from the bodhi tree of King Rama IIII) and come with med pong inside phra kring.

Purpose: Brings good luck, fortune, protect and prevent illness


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