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Pee Jook Roop (Black)

Pee Jook Roop (Black)

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Monk: LP Mai

Temple: Wat Suan Luang

Year Consecrated: BE 2553

Material: Metal roop

Purpose: Bestow good fortune, protection and help increase business sales

Comments: Consecrated in BE 2553 and was blessed for 3 consecutive months.

Directions of Usage: Offer 16 joss sticks to the buddha/deva at home and inform them that you are bringing Pee Jook home. After that, offer 9 joss sticks to Pee Jook and chant:


Na Mo Ta Sa - Bha Ga Wa To - Ara Ha To - Sam Ma Sam Puth Ta Sa (3 x)

Gaa Ya Puth To - Na Ma Puth To - Ni Mit Puth To - Soon Ya Puth To -


Arahang Puth To - Bha Ga Wa Ti (1 x)


Introduce yourself to Pee Jook and tell him your name. Let him know that you would offer food to him at certain time of the day or the week. If it is not covenient to make offerings, advise him to join you for your meals. Seek help from Pee Jook in matters of life and work (whatever you need).

Do and Don'ts:

  • Pee Jook can be placed on the same altar as Kwan Yin, Phra Pikanet, Nang Kwak or other Kumarn Thong
  • Do not put Pee Jook on the same altar with Buddhas or Monks
  • Do not keep Pee Jook in bathroom
  • Do not put Pee Jook at the foot of your bed
  • Do hang Pee Jook around your neck or with an amulet clip above your waist level
  • Do not put Pee Jook in a bag or in pockets


Below Photo: LP Mai drawing yantra at the base of our Pee Jook and Nong Janthima statues

LP Mai applying holy powder to Pee Jook and Janthima

LP Mai reblessing the statues and roops.

Portrait of Pee Jook in LP Mai's kuti

Pee Jook and his sister, Nong Janthima

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