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Kumarn Thong BE 2544 Singapore Batch ( Gold )

Kumarn Thong BE 2544 Singapore Batch ( Gold )

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Monk: LP Hong

Temple: Wat Petchburi, Surin

Year Consecrated: BE 2544 (2001)

Size: 4.5cm by 3cm

Material: Metal statue stuffed with LP Hong's hair, 1 gold takrut, bones and other holy materials.

Purpose: Brings wealth, luck, success to worshipper and family. Protects the house and warns the owner of calamities and danger through dreams and other methods.

Comments: This batch was consecrated at Wat Petchburi for Singapore devotees in line with LP Hong's first visit to Singapore.    There is a Merlion emblem, a mythical creature with lion head and fish body of a fish used as a mascot of Singapore, on the back of the Kumarn Thong.   

LP Hong's Kumarn Thong Altar

Located to the right of the altar is a cabinet storing the toys of LP Hong's Kumarn Thong

Khata or mantra to worship LP Hong's Kumarn Thong

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