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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Kumarnthong Phim Boran Rab Sap Kanong Rit BE 2557 (Big) Karmakarn

Kumarnthong Phim Boran Rab Sap Kanong Rit BE 2557 (Big) Karmakarn

Product Code:LPGY 32
Size(L x W x H):4.50 x 4.50 x 7.00 inch.
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Price: ฿3,500.00
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Kumarn Thong Phim Boran Rab Sab Kanong Rit BE 2557 Karmakarn

The holy materials used in this batch are as follow:

  1. Din 7 Pong
  2. Din 7 Tah
  3. Din 7 Na
  4. Din 7 Kan Tai
  5. Din 7 Rai 7 Suan
  6. Din 7 Sao Lak Muang
  7. Din 7 Jao Puank
  8. Ashes of 10 childrens
  9. Pong Luk Krok
  10. Hua Wan Kumarnthong
  11. Pong Takien Tai Prai
  12. Pong Mai Tok Namman
  13. Soil from 7 cemeteries
  14. Soak in Namman Maha Saneh Pokkasap

The holy materials that embed below of the statue are as follow:

  1. Pong Patthamang Loki Kamnerd
  2. Kumarnthong Karongrit nua nava loha in namman maha saneh pokkasap 1 roop
  3. Kumarnthong Karongrit nua loha artharn 2 roops
  4. Kumarnthong Karongrit nua mai rak tai prai in namman maha saneh pokkasap 1 roop
  5. Silver takrut pra srivali pokkasap

Here are the names of the 10 children.

  1. Nong Ja - from ban Pua
  2. Nong Mei - from ban Nong Harn
  3. Nong Phimta - from ban Penn
  4. Nong An - from Sawang Din Dan
  5. Nong Bew - from Pang Kone
  6. Nong Koi - from Nong Harn
  7. Nong Gam - from Ban Penn
  8. Nong Soh - from Pon Pisai
  9. Nong Mas - from Ban Sangkom
  10. Nong Maki - from Fao Rai

Comments : Made limited only 399 bucha. Come with serial number and special hand written yantra on amulets.

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