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Genuine amulet from guru monks of Thailand
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Kumarnthong 9 Kote Roon 1 Prai Kote Sap BE 2552

Kumarnthong 9 Kote Roon 1 Prai Kote Sap BE 2552

Product Code:LPGY 02
Size(L x W x H):3.00 x 1.50 x 0.00 cm.
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Monk: LP Goy and other keiji monks from Isaan

Temple: Wat Kao Din Tai

Year Consecrated: BE 2552

Material: Phong Patthamang Loki Kamnerd, KMT roops, takruts, corpse strings, namman prai kumarn. Ashes and remains from 9 childrens:

  1. Nong Fon - a girl who drowned to death
  2. Nong Boy - a boy who died in a traffic accident
  3. Nong Fai - a girl who died from pneumonia
  4. Nong Ying - a girl who died from cardiac disease
  5. Nong Khing - a girl who died from dengue fever
  6. Nong Maew - a girl who died from diarrhea
  7. Nong Hum Noi - a boy who died from influenza
  8. Nong Supha - a girl who died from rubella
  9. Nong Maree - a girl who died from epilepsy

Purpose: Brings good fortune and wealth luck through direct and indirect sources such as gambling and lottery. Helps to increase business sales and volumes by urshering customers to your store. Brings heightened sixth sense and protect the owner, home and store against danger, burglars or fire. Increases the charisma and persuasive skills of the owner.

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