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LP Suk Kessaro (Wat Pak Klong Makhamtao)

LP Suk Kessaro (Wat Pak Klong Makhamtao)


Luang Poo Suk Kessaro (Phra Kru Vimolkunakorn) 

Wat Pak Klong Makhamthao, Chainat province

Luang Poo Suk was born in 1847 in Moo Bahn Pak Klong Makhamthao, Wat Sing District, in the northern part of Chainat province. When LP Suk was at the age of 10 his mother sent him to Bangkok to be raised by his uncle. When LP Suk reached the age for ordain, he went to Wat Poh Trong Lang and was ordained as a novice monk. His preceptor was Phra UpachaYacui JannaTasiri. His ordain's name was called Kessaro. LP Suk studied Dhamma and meditation at Wat Poh Trong Lang until he was ready to go Thudong. He met many guru masters during his travel in Thudong and he learned the magical powers from them. One of the guru masters who taught him was Archan Thum Wua Daeng. Archan Thum Wua Daeng is also the teacher who has ever taught LP Ngern of Wat Bangklan in Pichit province, who was famous for his sacred power of amulets.

Luang Poo Suk went back to his hometown after many years in Thudong. His parents urged him to remain in their village, and LP Suk also stayed back and rebuilt Wat Makhamtao, from a small village temple to a large and beautiful temple, and became the abbot of the village's temple of Wat Makhamtao. LP Suk has many disciples, ordained and lay disciples. Krom Luang Chumpron is one of his closest lay disciples, who was the son of His Majesty King Rama IV. LP Suk taught him everything he knew about Dhamma and mantra. One of his abilities is his power and magic to change any objects into different sizes, even a big animals into a flies. This is one of LP Suk skills. He has never taught anyone, except Krom Luang Chumpron. Until today nobody know about this skill, LP Suk was revered as having great spiritual power and was the royal teacher of H.R.H. Krom Luang Chumporn. Krom Luang Chumpron passed away on the same year as LP Suk. LP Suk passed away in 1923 at the age of 76.


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