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Kruba Neua Chai

Kruba Neua Chai
Kruba Nueachai was born in the year of the tiger, on Monday, the 03.09.2505 (1962) as first of 3 children of the married couples Mr. Samyod and Mrs. Noi Jaibiinta in the province Lamphun, northern Thailand. He visited the Ban Mae Kamchan elementary school in Chiang Rai and the Mae Chan Vitthayakom high school in Chiang Rai. After the end of the high school he started to study in the Ramkhamhaeng university in Bangkok law. Nevertheless, after 3 years he had to end his study because his father had come down with a serious illness.
In early childhood Kruba Nueachai began with Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and as a young man several times he became state champion. After his last championship which he won he looked at the seriously injured opponent lying on the ground. Kruba Nüachai started to consider whether this steady fight is his way. He himself was defeated only 3 times during many years of his Thaiboxing career. He withdrew into the mountains of Chiang Rai and began to meditate. After one week in trance he came round and knew which way is precertain to him, because the Buddha appeared to him and showed him the way.
Kruba Nüachai left his woman with whom he was married during 8 years and has a son and a daughter and ordained in the year of the monkey, on Monday, the 20.01.2535 (1992) in the Wat Laan Thong, Amphoe Chiangsaen, Changwat Chiangrai, northern Thailand. The venerable Kruba Thongsüb Visutthajaro was his ordination monk.
The Wat Pah Achathong lies in the middle of a wood on a mountain. With the horse it takes 3 hours to reach the next bigger place. At the moment 4 monks and 17 Naen Noi (novice), as well as 20 children of poor families are there. Numerous animals have been donated to Kruba Nueachai, among others the temple owns 200 horses, 1,000 chickens, 9 elephants, 15 bulls and 16 buffaloes.
His holiness, the Supreme patriarch of Thailand, Somdej Phra Sangkarat gave a name to each of the 200 horses, thus, for example, Phet Thevada, Achathong, Ather, Num and the horse of Kruba Nüachai received the name Koct Chasi Achathong.
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